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Subject   PALMATECH building dedication ceremony(2)
Date | 2010.02.12
Name | 관리자
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Down|준공이전식5-1.gif Down|준공이전식5.JPG Down|준공이전식6.JPG Down|준공이전식7.JPG Down|준공이전식8.gif Down|준공이전식9.gif PALMATECH building dedication ceremony

When : 2010. 01. 25

Where : Palmatech New Company(Office & Factory)

We got the dedication ceremony in 01.25. 2010

Thank you for your attendance to enlighten this ceremony during cold weather.

We’ll show you ours skill and challenge in new place.

We swear that we shall do our best and promise become to the new PALMATECH.

Thank you very much.